Night Nature Alliance Educational Programs
*Available virtually on Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet
Most programs are 45 minutes of programming with 15 minutes reserved for questions.
Prices start at $50 per program.  We are also available for tabling at your half or full day fair or festival with these themes and many more!
Please email for more pricing and booking information
Bat Basics & Benefits
interactive multimedia presentation
Participants learn about the traits that all bats share, compare Microbats & Megabats, learn about the diets of unique bat species, how bats worldwide help humanity, and how we can help bats in return. 
Nocturnal Pets:
Roommates That Keep You Up All Night
live animal & multimedia presentation
This program alllows attendees to learn about exotic nocturnal animals that are common- & commonly relinquished- in the pet trade, with an emphasis on informing potential pet owners of the unique requirements of these animals.  
Native Nocturnals (Michigan)
interactive multimedia presentation
Discover what makes an animal nocturnal, the ways they navigate the dark, tips on how to spot them in the nature, and how you can help them. 
Event Presentations & Activities
tabling with biofacts, display, & activities
 Multiple shorter presentations/activities customized for your event: common themes include Life in a Dead Tree utilizing our hollow tree display & craft; Camouflage with find the bats activity; &   
Live Animal Display featuring a few of our choice of ambassador animals.*

*requires appropriate temperatures, animals may be taken off display periodically if signs of stress are observed.